4 Tips to Help Schools with Privacy and Security Compliance


Article by Meghan Bogardus Cortez via EdTech.

4 Tips:

  1. Know the Basics of What Needs to Be Protected
  2. Learn from Other Schools and Experts
  3. Understand How to Respond to a Violation
  4. Educate Teachers and Students on Being Better Digital Citizens

Check out the article for all the deatils!


The E-rate Program Today

Are you a CTO or Director of Technology looking to get cost effective internet for your district or campus?  Check here for an update from John Harrington via edtech digest about the 2017 E-rate funding program.

Below are some statistics published by Funds for Learning.  Check out the article for all of the details!

E-rate program.jpg

5 Cyber Security Safeguards for School Districts

Worried about Cyber Security and Data Security at your district?  Adam Eberle, via School Business Affiars, publishes an article that highlights 5 “best practices that will make your student information available and safe.”

Here are the 5 Best Practices:

  1. Review FERPA
  2. Prioritize Data
  3. Protect Passwords
  4. Secure Storage
  5. Schedule an Audit


5 Best Practices for Securing Student Data

Great column by my colleague Adam Eberle called Streamlined and Strengthened.  This article highlights the 5 best practices for securing student data.   Be sure to read the article but here are the 5 ways:

  1. Student Privacy Pledge
  2. Integrate privacy regulations
  3. Speed it up
  4. Collect and share appropriately
  5. Customize and personalize