4 Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset in the Classroom


Great post by Katie Finley via EdSurge. (image provided 2.0 Flickr user LendingMemo)

Katie discusses the 4 ways to encourage the growth mindset in your classroom:

1. Think about setting achievable micro-goals to encourage students’ consistent, incremental progress.

2. When students succeed, praise their efforts and strategies as opposed to their intelligence.

3. Help students focus on and value the process of learning.

4. Design classroom activities that involve cooperative–rather than competitive or individualistic–work.


As you all know, I LOVE the growth mindset and feel like this concept is one that is important for all children to have.  Here are other posts I have made on the growth mindset:

Growth Mindset-Why Not!?

Powerful Podcast-Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset May Counter Effects of Poverty on Achievement





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